Photo Gallery

Business Train, November 9, 2009
The WSOR business train carried the Advisory Board from Horicon to Janesville and return on November 8-9 for a planning session. The train is seen here at Duplainville on the Canadian National on its return to Horicon on the 9th. Photo by Ed Knueppel.

WSOR Safety Training Officer Bob Witzack Retires, July 27, 2009

Employees gather for Bob's retirement party in Madison

Bob with Supt. Steve Beske (left), and CEO Bill Gardner.

WSOR employees gathered at the Madison yard office building on Monday July 27, 2009 to celebrate WSOR Safety Training Officer Bob Witzack's retirement with a cookout and camaraderie. Bob's railroad career began with a stint as a Milwaukee Road trainman in 1972. He hired on the Wisconsin & Calumet (WICT) in Janesville in 1991. WSOR purchased the WICT in August 1992. Putting his experience as a school teacher to work, Bob later became WSOR's training officer, in charge of testing and training train crews new and old. Bob will enjoy working on antique watches and reviving his painting career with his newfound time. Congratulations, Bob!

Bob's retirement cake: engine isn't red?!

Bob cuts the cake.

Supt. of Operations Steve Beske at the grill.

CEO Bill Gardner honors Bob's years of service.

Track Inspector Gary Figy Retires, April 17, 2009

WSOR Maintenance-of-Way employees hosted a retirement cookout for Track Inspector Gary Figy on April 16, 2009. Based at the Janesville terminal, Gary has worked for the WSOR since the WICT acquisition in 1992. He worked for all three shortline predecessors: Chicago Madison & Northern, Central Wisconsin, and Wisconsin & Calumet for a total of thirty years. Gary was presented with a company watch, GP38 model, and several fishing momentos from his fellow employees. Gary spent his final day Friday, April 17 inspecting the Fox Lake Sub out of Janesville. He plans to take time out from fishing once in awhile to stop by and check on his former fellow employees. Congratulations, Gary!

Gary with his retirement cake: From WSOR to Fishing.

MOW Supt. Ben Meighan presents Gary with GP38.

Gary with his track inspector hi-rail truck for one more day.

Gary will be well remembered for all his tall stories.

Snow Plowing with the Jordan Spreader, Markesan and Reedsburg Subs, January 2009

East of Markesan, at County Hwy. S, January 10, 2009. Tim Hensch photo.

East of Markesan, at County Hwy S, January 10, 2009. Tim Hensch photo.

Hwy. 44 crossing, west of Brandon, January 10, 2009. Tim Hensch photo.

View from the locomotive cab while plowing Dane Hill on the Reedsburg Sub, near Dane, WI.

Santa Train at Plymouth, WI, December 13-14, 2008

Saint Nick arrived in Plymouth in style on WSOR rails behind steam engine Soo 1003.

Santa Train arrives with stack talk. Bill Gardner photos

The Saturday Santa Scene at Plymouth.

People line up to meet Santa in his caboose.

ST delivered Christmas trees with help from Boy Scouts.

The Plymouth post office stamped and sorted mail on the former RPO Northern Plains that was part of Santa Train.

Over 12,000 pieces of mail were carried on the WSOR on Sunday. Special Santa stamp was used for the day.

Santa Train at Edgerton, WI, December 5-6, 2008

WSOR delivered Old Chris Kringle to Edgerton to ring in good cheer via steam engine Soo 1003.

Santa Train arrives, Friday night. Bill Gardner photo

Santa alights from his caboose. Bill Gardner photo

Santa Train holds the main Friday AM. Pat Weeden photo

Santa Train with crowds on Friday. Pat Weeden photo

Santa Train returns to Janesville. Pat Weeden photo

Santa Train returning to Janesville. Pat Weeden photo

WSOR’s New B-Unit Debuts, August 2008
After 18 months of hard work by the Horicon shop forces in their spare time, WSOR 102 has rolled out of the shop fully operational with a fresh new paint job. WSOR 102 was originally built for the Union Pacific as thier UP 967B in September of 1955 as a cabless booster unit hence the B-unit moniker. The locomotive ended up on Amtrak, with prime movers stripped out and converted to a steam generator car. WSOR stripped out the prime movers and electrical gear from a former MARC E9 and transferred to WSOR 102 to return it to an operational E9B. When teamed up with WSORs two E9A’s, the trio become the only true fully operational E9 A-B-A set in the U.S. The units will be used for executive specials.

The A-B-A trio together for the first time at Horicon, August 18. WSOR photo

At Milwaukee Amtrak station, Wednesday evening, August 20. Don Kalkman photo

Westbound out of Milwaukee on CP trackage with TRB Special, August 21. Mike Yuhas photo

The A-B-A trio deadheads toward Chicago, August 24, crossing Rock River at Janesville, WI. Tim Hensch photo

WSOR 102 at Janesville, WI August 20. Paul Swanson photo

James M. Gardner Last Run, August 7, 2008
The Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co. paid respects to Jim Gardner, supporter of our railroad and father of WSOR CEO William Gardner, with a final run to his resting place. Soo Line steam locomotive 1003 did the honors at Hartford, Wisconsin, with a fitting and memorable send-off.

More Snow Plowing on the Oshkosh and Markesan Subs, February 23, 2008

This series of photos by Matt Lastovich was taken on February 23rd as WSOR 4077 worked the Oshkosh and Markesan Subs again clearing out drifting snow using WSOR’s Jordan Spreader/Ditcher. The snowfall of the winter of 2007-2008 has been the most seen in many years, creating a challenge for WSOR crews systemwide.

Deep Snow Drifts on the Oshkosh Sub, March 2008

This photo by Northern Division Roadmaster Jim Sukopp, taken between Island Road and Locust Road just north of Ripon on the Oshkosh Sub, shows the extent of snow drifts that were battled on the WSOR during the Great Winter of 2008.

Weather Conditions Provide Challenge for WSOR Employees, week of February 18, 2008

Heavy rain on Sunday, February 17, followed by sub-zero temperatures caused switches to freeze in yards, and many road crossings across the Southern Division to become buried in ice and frozen slush, and impassable to train movments. Witness this crossing on the Monroe Sub, covered with eight inches of solid ice. Maintenance-of-Way employees had to chip out ice from flangeways before the train could pass through. It took two days to reach Monroe from Janesville. Photo by Matt Heeren.

Snowplowing on Oshkosh Subdivison, February 11, 2008

WSOR’s Jordan Spreader was sent out on the Oshkosh Sub north of Horicon on Monday, February 11, 2008 to clear drifts up to twelve feet deep from recent snowstorms. The Horicon Car Shop had worked through the night to ready the plow for service, which had been in storage for over a year. Photos by Dennis Prescott.

WSOR Grain Train on the Union Pacific at Granville, WI, September 25, 2007

Wisconsin & Southern handed 25-car grain trains to the Union Pacific at its interchange point at Granville, Wisconsin for furtherance to Jones Island in Milwaukee several times in 2007. This photo by Mark W. Hintz shows empties returning to the WSOR from UP. WSOR power ran through on these moves.