Home Page Photo Archive

Previous home page photos are archived here with expanded information. Our home page photos are carefully selected to illustrate WSOR's slogan of "Satisfying Customers Needs Through Continuous Improvements." This page will be updated every two weeks. Click on photos to enlarge.

WSOR 4005 leads the T003 at Ackerville on September 4, 2009 on its way from Janesville to Horicon. Aaron C. Jors photo

The morning HJ crosses Whitewater Creek at Whitewater, WI on October 18, 2008. This bridge has since been replaced with a new structure. Andy Cummings photo

L243 passes a farm near Adell, WI on June 21, 2009. Ryan Schoenfeldt photo

Sunrise greets train HM at Ackerville on October 17, 2007. Jeff Hampton photo

The MAJ (Madison-Janesville) train rolls by the tobacco warehouses of Edgerton, WI on February 14, 2009. Andy Cummings photo

The HJ waits at Janesville, WI for more Chicago traffic to be added on November 2, 2008. Paul Swanson photo

The Waunakee HS football team motto "No One Can Stop This Train" utilized WSOR 4053 to guide them through the remainder of their 2009 season. Matt Koser photo

The HJ (Horicon-Janesville) train is bathed in early morning sunshine on Canadian National trackage at Ackerville, WI on September 6, 2008 as it continues its journey to Chicago. Jeff Hampton photo

The Cambria turn switches the Didion ethanol facility at Wisc. Hwy. 146 in Cambria, WI on August 1, 2008. Scott Sasse photo

WSOR president and CEO Bill Gardner. WSOR photo

On the first day of September 2009, the Madison yard job switches U.S. Oil at McFarland, a new customer for WSOR. Paul Swanson photo

WSOR train HOK (Horicon-Oshkosh) passes through Waupun on a crisp early morning, October 21, 2005. Jeff Hampton photo

The MAJ crosses the causeway at Madison, WI on a quiet March 2009 morning. Extra motive power is moving to Janesville for servicing. Rob Luther photo

WSOR 4050 pauses during switching under moonlight at Badger State Ethanol in Monroe, WI, March 11, 2009. Matt Diestler photo

After dumping track ballast on the Waukesha Sub, Extra 4006 West passes the Whitewater, WI depot on November 11, 2008. Paul Swanson photo

The HJ waits at the Horicon depot on the evening of October 19, 2008 for a crew to take it to Janesville, WI. Mike Janke photo

The JH, with WSOR 4025 leading, moves northbound on the Canadian National near Pewaukee, WI on July 5, 2009. Ed Knueppel photo

The Chicago train receives orders on the fly at Janesville, WI before entering the Fox Lake Sub, June 3, 2009. Mike Janke photo

WSOR 1504 running solo handles the Plymouth turn near Random Lake, WI on May 17, 2009. Ryan Schoenfeldt photo

WSOR’s new DVD documentary explains the Cripple Effect that threatens the WSOR system. WSOR photo

WSOR 4053 and 4025 team up for the JMR train, seen here just under way west of Janesville crossing Footville-Hanover Road on May 17, 2009. Paul Swanson photo

WSOR 4004 West blasts through Hartford, returning to Horicon with the HM train on March 22, 2009. This segment of track is now rated for 40mph after welded rail installation. Ryan Schoenfeldt photo

WSOR 4009 sits outside the Janesville roundhouse on Aug. 2, 2008. Locomotives assigned to the Southern Division are serviced here. Paul Swanson photo

WSOR 4053 provides the backdrop for Janesville Craig High School’s senior track team “Speeding Down The Track,” 4/22/2009. Paul Swanson photo

The HM (Horicon-Milwaukee) train with SD40-2 4001 and 4004, passes through Ackerville on a cold February 1, 2009. Aaron C. Jors photo

The HM train works through Richfield behind a trio of GP38s on a bright Saturday, April 4, 2009. Ryan Schoenfeldt photo

WSOR 25th Anniversary SD40-2 4025 leads the JC, climbing toward Avalon from Van Allen Road after a late spring snowfall, Sunday, March 29, 2009. The train will park at Bardwell until evening. Paul Swanson photo

The JH works uphill at Duplainville, WI on the Canadian National, Sunday, March 15, 2009. Once at Horicon, the cars will be switched out for the next morning’s trains. Ed Knueppel photo

The HJ leaves Milton Jct. on July 6, 2007 after adding Chicago traffic from madison. More cars will be added at Janesville before continuing to Chicago. Ed Moran photo

The JH enters the WSOR Northern Division at Slinger during a late winter snow squall on March 8, 2009. Within an hour, the train will arrive at Horicon to be switched out. Ryan Schoenfeldt photo

A pair of WSOR MP15s await their next task of switching at Janesville yard on November 10, 2008. HO scale models of 1503 and 1504 are now available from the WSOR Company Store. Paul Swanson photo

The HJ train rolls through bucolic Palmyra on February 23, 2008 en route to Janesville. More cars will be added and power setout before continuing on to the WIndy City. Andy Cummings photo

WSOR ponies rest in the roundhouse at Janesville, WI on November 14, 2008. Periodic inspections and running repairs are made at the Janesville facility for the entire Southern Division. Paul Swanson photo photo

The J1 conductor cleans out a switch at Janesville, WI before beginning switching on a frigid December 21, 2008 morning. The J1 is responsible for switching out the CJ upon its arrival. Paul Swanson photo

WSOR 4053 lays over at Plymouth, WI on Friday, December 12, the eve of Santa Train weekend operations that would include Santa in his caboose and a performance by steam locomotive 1003. Aaron C. Jors photo

January 26, 2009 marks 20 years of service to Chicago. The first train 20 years ago, was powered by WICT 901/106, seen here eastbound at Van Allen Road near Avalon, January 26, 1989. Paul Swanson photo

The old (steam locomotive 1003) teams up with the new (WSOR SD40s 4053 and 4076) near Milton, WI on December 11, 2008. Ed Peackock photo

The HJ train awaits a re-crew at Vickerman Road near Milton under sub-zero windchills on January 14, 2009 before continuing to Janesville. Paul Swanson photo

The MAJ (Madison-Janesville) train crosses Lake Monona as it departs from Madison on a cold February 18, 2007. Andy Cummings photo

MP15 1505 rests between switching assignments at Horicon terminal on the evening of December 20, 2008. Mike Janke photo

Steam engine 1003 rests at Plymouth, WI in December 2007 before returning to Hartford after Santa Train. Mike Yuhas photo

Steam engine 1003 performed for Santa Train at Plymouth, Wisconsin on December 13-14, 2008. Bill Gardner photos

Steam engine 1003 performed for Santa Train at Edgerton, Wisconsin on December 5-6, 2008. Pat Weeden and Bill Gardner photos

With Santa Train duties completed, steam engine 1003 returns to Horicon in 2007. Aaron C. Jors photo

The WSOR Advisory Board Special train passes Woodland, WI on its return to Milwaukee from Cambria on a first snowfall Monday, November 17, 2008. Mike Yuhas photo

The WSOR business train fleet poses at the Horicon depot on a typically overcast Sunday, November 16,2008. The next day, the train would carry the Advisory Board between Cambria and Milwaukee. Tim Hensch photo

The CJ (Chicago-Janesville) train makes a rare daylight appearance at 55th Street on the Belt Railway of Chicago on November 8, 2008. The early run was to clear MOW work further down the road on Metra. Dave Terdich photo

Steam engine 1003 carries Santa between Horicon and Hartford, WI in December 2007. Santa Train returns in 2008 to Hartford, Edgerton, and Plymouth, WI. John Broeker photo

Steam engine 1003 pulls out of Adell with WSOR’s Santa Train in December 2007. Santa Train returns in 2008 to Hartford, Edgerton, and Plymouth, WI. John Broeker photo

Newly painted MP15 1503 rests at Janesvile terminal between assignments on October 18, 2008. Paul Swanson

The JC train waits at Bardwell for the next crew to take it to Chicago, June 29, 2008. Charles Castle photo

The HJ (Horicon-Janesville) train roars out of Rugby Jct. on July 7, 2007. Jeff Hampton photo

The HOK (Horicon-Oshkosh) train is ready to depart Horicon West Yard for Oshkosh on June 30, 2008. Jeff Hampton photo

After a meet, WSOR’s HJ train is on the move on the CN at Duplainville, WI on August 25, 2008. Ed Knueppel photo

WSOR’s HJ train passes through Ackerville on the CN at dawn on June 21, 2008. Extra motive power is ferrying to Janesville for the next two day’s returning JH trains. Aaron C. Jors photo

WSOR’s Horicon paint shops have repainted WSOR 4053 in a special scheme featuring the WSOR system map to celebrate the state’s “Grow Wisconsin” initiative to grow the state’s economy. Paul Swanson photo

WSOR track crews work on yard trackage at Hampton Avenue in Milwaukee during August 2008. WSOR has been installing ties and surfacing yard tracks at North Milwaukee to improve operations. WSOR photo

WSOR’s A-B-A trio appeared at Milwaukee for the first time on the evening of August 20. A special trip was operated to Horicon the next morning for the National Transporation Research Board. Don Kalkman photo

WSOR has added a B-unit to its E9 executive fleet after 18 months of hard work in the Horicon shop forces’ spare time. The A-B-A trio are seen here at Horicon before their debut the week of August 17, 2008. WSOR photo

The northbound HOK (Horicon-Oshkosh) train is closing in on the Oshkosh Sub northern terminus of Oshkosh on July 28, 2008. WSOR 3802 is seen crossing Wisc. Hwy. 91. GP38’s are regular power on this run. Mike Yuhas photo

The train from Milwaukee (HMR) hurries westward near Rubicon on its way back to the Horicon hub on August 12, 2008. The bucolic agricultural landscape is typical of the region WSOR operates through. Jeff Hampton photo

Second shift employees work inside the Janesville roundhouse on a warm July 28th evening in 2008. Two shifts are scheduled 6 days a week at this facility to service and repair WSOR’s active locomotive fleet. Paul Swanson photo

WSOR’s freshly painted pair of business train E-units make their first trip on the Milwaukee Sub in April 2008 as seen here at Oakwood Crossing. Bill Warren photo

WSOR 4006 leads the Chicago train through the GM plant at Janesville for staging on the Fox Lake Sub on July 6, 2008. The plant has been in the news lately as GM will be closing it no later than 2010. Paul Swanson photo

WSOR 3806 on a work extra take a break at the new Olsen grain elevator at Boscobel, WI on the Prairie Sub on June 11, 2008. Grain is loaded weekly here for shipment to Chicago. Dave Terdich photo

Two SD40s rescue a stalled CJ train on Richmond Hill near Richmond, IL on 5/24/2008. The grade here is one of the steepest between Chicago and Janesville. Charles Castle photo

The first MP15 repainted in WSOR red and gray is WSOR 1504, seen outside the WSOR paint shop at Horicon, WI in June 2008. The MP15’s are used at WSOR’s switching terminals Janesville, Madison, and Horicon. WSOR photo

A CP detour train passes WSOR Janesville terminal on 6/11/2008. CP is detouring about two trains a day between Madison and Janesville or Rondout on WSOR due to flooding near Portage on their main line. Photo by Mike Farrell

The AMA (Ackerville-Milwaukee turn) is underway, as it passes DBR Jct. on its way to Milwaukee on the Milwaukee Sub, April 26, 2008. Cars will be delivered to the Canadian Pacific at their Mitchell Yard. The IC SD40 (used on CN’s West Bend local) is laying over for the weekend. Photo by Aaron C. Jors

The CJ (Chicago-Janesville) waits at Narragansett Ave. on the Belt Railway of Chicago for traffic congestion at dusk on May 18, 2008. CJ is just out of Clearing Yard, on the beginning of an all-night journey to Janesville, WI. Photo by Dave Terdich

The Ackerville-Muskego turn (dubbed the AMA) is at Grand Ave. in Milwaukee on May 4, 2008. This job normally originates at Ackerville to perform interchange duties with CN and CP, and switch the Miller Brewing complex in Milwaukee. Photo by Matt Heeren

The JH is northbound on the Canadian National at dusk, just north of Sussex, WI on Tuesday, May 6, 2008. Within a few hours, JH will pull in to Horicon to be switched out for the next morning’s Northern Division locals. Photo by Ed Knueppel

The HOK (Horicon-Oshkosh) train is northbound at Brandon, WI on the Oshkosh Sub, September 4, 2007. This train runs five days a week to service customers between Horicon and Oshkosh and Markesan. Photo by Bill Glaser

LThe PDCMA job passes under the US 18 bridge at sleepy Bridgeport, just east of Prairie du Chien, on 4/13/2006. The train is just beginning its day-long journey from Prairie du Chien to Madison. Photo by Paul Swanson

WSOR’s Advisory Board Special is at 60th and Mill Road in Milwaukee on April 20, 2008. The train was en route to Oshkosh for the board’s quarterly meeting which is held at different locations throughout the system. Photo by Mark Hintz

Locomotives await their next assignment at the Janesville terminal on March 1, 2008. Motive power repairs and servicing are performed at Janesville daily. Photo by Paul Swanson

The HMR (Horicon-Milwaukee Relief) switches the Quad Graphics plant at Hartford in the waning daylight of Thursday, March 13, 2008. Quad is the largest privately held printing company in the Western Hemisphere. Photo by Aaron C. Jors

The JMA (Janesville-Madison) is running early, westbound at Hurd Road, near Edgerton, on its way to Madison from Janesville on March 26, 2008. Photo by Mike Farrell

The J2 has just spotted a car at the Kikkoman soy plant in Walworth and is now shoving back to the Chicago train, 2/10/2007. The train will continue on toward Fox Lake to wait for the Metra window to open at midnight. Photo by Sayre Kos

A pair of GP38’s have the HOK under way south of Ripon, WI on the Northern Division, 11/23/2007. A light dusting of snow belies the heavy snowfall that would soon hit the entire WSOR system. Photo by Steven Giebink

GP7 702 leads a northbound Plymouth turn on the Plymouth Sub near Fredonia, WI on 2/10/2008. There’s still plenty of snow from the Great Winter of 2008 to battle on the WSOR. Photo by Mike Yuhas

The HJ passes through Ackerville, WI on Canadian National trackage 2/27/2008, en route to Janesville and beyond. This train carries all the Chicago bound traffic from the Northern Division. Photo by Bill Gardner

An era has ended in WSOR motive power history. The last SD20 was retired on January 22, 2008, marking over a decade of service by the SD20’s. They were the first 6-axle power used on the Chicago Jobs out of Janesville. Photos by Robert Eineke and Paul Swanson

To combat 12-foot drifts, WSOR brought out the Jordan Spreader to work the Oshkosh Sub on the Northern Division, 2/11/2000. Since then, the spreader has been used across the entire system to combat heavy winter snows. Photo by Dennis Prescott

The JH train stands at Pearl St. in Janesville waiting for a crew as daylight wanes on a cold February 10, 2008. Crews had spent all day in sub-zero weather, digging out frozen switches to switch out the CJ train from Chicago. Photo by Paul Swanson

The J2 uses the new east leg of the Bardwell wye to assemble the Chicago train, January 20, 2008. This track was just completed as part of an upgrade project at Bardwell that extended the existing passing track to 75 cars. This will ease the staging of grain loads destined for Chicago. Photo by Dave Terdich

It's traintime at Saukville as WSOR's Plymouth turn passes CN's L507 Job, tied up on the passing track, January 16, 2007. The CN still services customers between North Milwaukee and Saukville. Photo by Mike Yuhas

The HJ train with 61 cars and 8 engines, passes sunny Iron Ridge, WI on its way to Slinger and the CN February 18, 2006. Most of the power will be setout at Janesville before the train continues toward Chicago. Photo by Jeff Hampton

The Chicago train eases over the Rock River at Janesville on a snowy December 30, 2007. Within twelve hours, the train will enter Metra trackage at Fox Lake, Illinois for the overnight trip to Clearing Yard in Chicago. Photo by Dave Fry

The MAJ (Madison-Janesville) waits on the west wye at Milton for light power to clear before it continues on to Janesville. The second unit WSOR 2051 is the last SD20 in service on the WSOR system. January 6, 2008. Photo by Dave Terdich

The M1 Job (based out of Madison) takes a break for beans at County Hwy AB on the Cottage Grove spur, December 18, 2007. This line is serviced several times a week from the Madison terminal. Photo by Dave Terdich

A late running HJ (Horicon-Janesville) wheels into Milton on December 12, 2006. Seasons Greetings from everyone at the WSOR. Photo by Dave Fry

A WSOR Passenger Extra pauses at Spring Grove, IL on December 12, just a few miles from Metra trackage to Chicago. Photo by Sayre Kos

WSOR power is fresh from a battle with snow. This photo won 2nd Place in our 2008 WSOR Calendar photo contest. Photo by Jeff Easton

WSOR Annivesary SD40-2 4025 roars west from Whitewater in a photo from our 2008 calendar. Photo by Matt Heeren

WSOR Annivesary SD40-2 4025 takes a break in autumnal surroundings at Horicon in October 2005. Photo by Paul Swanson

An HM (Horicon-Milwaukee) train rolls through Richfield on the Northern Division in a photo from our new WSOR 2008 Calendar. Photo by Jeff Hampton

WSOR's Santa Train, seen here in 2006, is on schedule for Hartford and Ripon this Saturday, November 10 (2007). Photo by John Broecker

Autumn colors greet the HM near Rubicon in October 2005. This is the cover for the new WSOR 2008 Calendar, available soon. Photo by Jeff Hampton

WSOR unveils its Rail Restoration 15 plan to return rail service to several Wisconsin communities. In the photo, WSOR 4025 leads an empty grain train toward Monroe. Photo by Matt Heeren

WSOR unveils its Rail Restoration 15 plan to return rail service to several Wisconsin communities. In the photo, WSOR 4025 leads an empty grain train toward Monroe. Photo by Paul Swanson

WSOR unveils its Rail Restoration 15 plan to return rail service to several Wisconsin communities. In the photo, WSOR 4025 leads an empty grain train toward Monroe. WSOR Photo

WSOR unveils its Rail Restoration 15 plan to return rail service to several Wisconsin communities. In the photo, WSOR 4025 leads an empty grain train toward Monroe. Photo by Ryan Schoenfeldt

WSOR unveils its Rail Restoration 15 plan to return rail service to several Wisconsin communities. In the photo, WSOR 4025 leads an empty grain train toward Monroe. Photo by Matt Heeren

It's a quiet evening at WSOR's Northern Division hub of Horicon, 12/27/2006, before GP7 701 gets to work with the morning rush to assemble trains for the day. Photo by Matt Heeren

WSOR motive power stands at the ready for duty at Janesville's servicing facility on Saturday, January 27, 2007. Janesville also performs repairs and scheduled inspections to locomotives for the entire Southern Division. Photo by Paul Swanson

WSOR 702 works its way southbound through Random Lake, WI on a dreary and unusually snowless December 21, 2006. Photo by Bill Glaser

WSOR 3802 switches customer Future Foam on the Hall Lumber spur at Middleton, WI. This view was made on the Prairie Sub during a snow squall, March 23, 2006. Photo by Robert Eineke

WSOR's HOK works north of Waupun on the Northern Division on a sunny November 24, 2006. GP38 3805 leads. Photo by Ryan Schoenfeldt

WSOR 4006 East with a JC Extra—moving extra tonnage to Chicago—holds the siding at Grayslake, IL on Metra trackage to meet a westbound Metra scoot on the evening of December 28, 2006. Photo by Sayre Kos

WSOR's first patrol on the new Plymouth line was made during a wintery snowstorm on January 22, 2005. Photo ©Mike Yuhas

WSOR 4050 in a snowy scene at Orfordville in 2005 serves as our Season's Greetings to all of our friends and fans. Photo by Paul Swanson

WSOR 4004 East with the MAJ train, pauses at McFarland, WI on its return to Janesville during an early winter snow shower on December 1, 2006. Photo by Mike Farrell

WSOR's HJ train awaits departure from snowy Horicon, WI depot on February 18, 2006. Horicon is the operational hub for WSOR's Northern Division. Photo by Ryan Schoenfeldt

WSOR's HJ train glides through Whitewater, WI on the Waukesha Sub on a balmy Thanksgiving Day, 2006. Within a few hours, cars will be added at Janesvile and the train on its way to the Windy City. Photo by Matt Heeren

Steam engine 1003 powers the Santa Train 2006 between Burnett and Hartford, WI on November 12 to help ring in the holdiday season for Dodge and Washington County residents. Photo by Bill Gardner

Steam engine 1003 is seen here at WSOR's Horicon depot on October 1, 2004. 1003 was the star performer for WSOR's Santa Train on November 12, co-sponsored by several area businesses. Photo by Don Pingel

WSOR 4002 leads the CJ on Metra trackage at Grayland, IL on 11/26/2005 in a photo from our new 2007 Calendar, available from the company store. This location is just eight miles out from downtown Chicago, early in CJ's journey back to Wisconsin. Photo by Jason Nates

WSOR SD20 2051 leads the MABLT (Waterloo turn) over a bridge near Marshall, WI on its return to Madison in a photo from our new 2007 Railroad Calendar, available from the company store. Photo by Robert Eineke

Snow isn't here yet, but Ed Moran's photo of the MAPDC (Madison-Prairie du Chien train) westbound at Spring Green, WI is on the cover of our new WSOR 2007 Railroad Calendar, available from the company store. Photo by Ed Moran

WSOR's HJ (Horicon-Janesville) train leans into a curve on the CN, enroute to Waukesha and points beyond in October 2003. After picking up more cars, this train will end up in Chicago within 24 hours. Photo by Jeff Hampton

WSOR works day and night 24/7 to move customers traffic. The MALPM is seen here at Cottage Grove, WI while spotting cars. Photo by Robert Eineke

WSOR's HOK (Horicon-Oshkosh) train passes Ripon, WI on the Northern Division, 9/26/06. Photo by Bill Glaser

WSOR's JMA train crosses the Rock River in Janesville on its way to Madison in 2005. Photo by Paul Swanson

An empty unit ballast train returning from Chicago (CSXT) nears the Wiscosnin border on its way to Waterloo, WI, 9/14/06. Photo by Sayre Kos

WSOR's HOK (Horicon-Oshkosh) job is south of Pickett on the Northern Division in 2003. Photo by Jeff Hampton

Much of WSOR's traffic begins its journey here: the west end of BRC's Clearing Yard in Chicago on the CJ (seen here on 8/27/06). Photo by Jason Nates

An eastbound JMR coasts downhill west of Juda 8/1/06, on its return trip to Janesville from Monroe via the Monroe Subdivision. Photo by Dave Fry

The MABLT pauses at Bird Street after switching customers in Sun Prairie, WI on the Watertown Sub, 8/12/06. This train operates Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to Waterloo, WI. Photo by Bill Glaser

WSOR's MALPM crosses the Wisconsin River at Merrimac, WI 7/30/06, en route to Baraboo and Reedsburg. This train services customers between Madison and Reedsburg three days a week. Photo by Dave Fry

WSOR's HOK train spots a car of fertilizer at Olsen's Crop Service at Oshkosh, WI on 7/25/2003. Photo by Greg Mross

WSOR's JH train passes through Hartford, WI July 6, 2006, on its way to Horicon with Northern Division commercial traffic that originated in Chicago the previous night. Photo by Jeff Hampton

Through rain, snow, sleet, or foggy weather...WSOR delivers the freight: a JEX (Janesville Extra) is seen just east of Janesville on its way to Darien to spot ampty grain cars for loading with corn. Photo by Matt Heeren

WSOR's MABLT job pauses at Mazomanie on its way to Muscoda to deliver grain empties to Riverdale Co-op, July 13, 2006. The special trip beyond Mazo was made to get the empties to Riverdale for immediate loading for later pickup by the PDCMA. Photo by Robert Eineke

WSOR switches Farm-City's Brodhead grain elevator in May. WSOR is a leading rail transporter of corn in Wisconsin, delivering it directly to Chicago markets at Argo, IL, and on-line ethanol plants. Each rail car holds as much corn as three semi-trucks. Photo by Dave Fry

WSOR helped McFarland celebrate its 150th birthday July 2, 2006 with special passenger excursions that operated between McFarland and Lake Monona in Madison. Over 3,500 people were carried in eight 45-minute roundtrips. Photo by Paul Swanson

WSOR's extra unit coal train of June 16, 2006 spotted loads at the UW-Madison heater plant as soon as it arrived at Madison. Two WSOR SD20's do the honors. The plant supplies heat and A/C to the university campus. Photo by Jason Nates

An extra unit coal train passes through McFarland destined for UW-Madison's heater plant, June 16, 2006. This train was operated special to move coal loads to WSOR's customer more quickly. Photo by Jason Nates

6/11/06: WSOR's CSXT ballast train heads east from Bardwell, destined for the BRC at Chicago, June 13, 2006. The train will be positioned outside of Fox Lake, IL to make the first operating window on Metra that evening. WSOR loads ballast at Waterloo, WI and ships to CSXT at Chicago using WSOR cars and locomotives as a unit train. Photo by Jason Nates

6/4/06: A JMR (Janesville to Monroe) extra with Badger State Ethanol traffic arrives at Monroe on Memorial Day, May 29, 2006. This special was operated specifically to move needed traffic to BSE. Photo by Matt Heeren

5/28/06: WSOR's HM (Horicon to Milwaukee) job passes through Richfield on its way to Milwaukee 10/14/05. HM runs five days a week to serve customers between Horicon and Milwaukee. Photo by Jeff Hampton

5/21/06: A special WSOR passenger train extra pauses at Devils Lake, WI on 5/16/06 during its return to Madison. The train was operated for the Pink Lady Transit Commission. Photo by Paul Swanson

5/14/06: The Chicago-Janesville train approaches its destination in rare daylight at Van Allen Road, just east of Janesville with 135 cars, 5/14/06. Photo by Mike Farrell

5/7/06: WSOR's PDC job crosses one of four bridges over the Wisconsin River near Woodman on its return to Madison, 5/4/06. This was one of the very few times an SD40-2 has operated to Prairie du Chien, in this case 4025 was filling in for an ailing SD20. Photo by Jason Nates

4/30/06: WSOR's MALPM train passes through Rock Springs on its way to Reedsburg. The grain elevator seen in the background periodically loads grain for shipment to Chicago, a new customer since WSOR assumed operation of this track in 1996 from Union Pacific. Photo by Noah Hofrichter

4/23/06: WSOR's HOK train (Horicon-Oshkosh) switches at the northernmost point on the system: Oshkosh. This train operates five days a week, serving all customers between the two points. Photo by Jeff Hampton

4/16/06: SD40-2 4052 is the most recent addition to our roster [as of April 16, 2006]. Just painted by WSOR's own Horicon paint shops, it is seen here at Janesville on 4/9/06. photo by Mike Farrell

4/9/06: First-Place Winner for the Off-Line Photo Contest [April 2006], WSOR's CSX ballast train at CSXT's Howell Yard in Indiana. WSOR provides motive power for this unit train move. photo by Zach Guenzel

4/2/06: WSOR's Advisory Board Special at Milton, April 1, 2006, en route to the Cambria Sub via Milwaukee. Occasional inspection trains are operated for the Board to allow them a firsthand look at WSOR property and operations. photo by Mike Farrell

WSOR SD40-2 4050 leads a JMA (Janesville-Madison) train through Milton, WI on its return trip to Janesville in the early morning of a day in July 2005. This train is operated six days a week during the summer to keep sand/gravel traffic moving as well as commercial traffic for Madison. photo by Sayre Kos